Nardelli's Great Grinder Giveaway Survey of Past Winners
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It’s A Nardelli’s Love Fest

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It’s A Nardelli’s Love Fest

Dave C. - October 2015 iPad Winner

Dave C. - October 2015 iPad Winner

We thought it would be fun to reach out and connect with the four winners of the 2015 Great Grinder GiveAway. Each winner is eligible to stop by the Nardelli’s of their choice and pick up one free grinder a week, every week, all year long. Now that three months have gone by since the winners were announced, we wondered if everyone was taking advantage of their 52 week grinder throw-down.

  • Do they claim their free grinder every week?
  • Do they have a new favorite or are they still attached to their old fave?

Rather than set up 24/7 surveillance, we sent them a questionnaire. Here’s what we learned:

How did they find out about the GiveAway? Two winners found out online and two from the flyer in the store. Everyone entered the Giveaway online.

How long have they been a Nardelli’s customer? Susan said she grew up near the Naugatuck Nardelli’s and remembers the loaves of Milities bread. She used to order the same turkey, lettuce and tomato grinder all the time.

Now that Susan never misses a week, she has tried new grinders and has stepped out of her “Same Ole” zone. She has introduced her kids to her favorite grinder place growing up and still loves the bread! From mozzarella and tomatoes to crab salad grinders, the whole family is trying new things.

Everyone who won had been a customer for at least a few years. They all admitted they were shocked when they won and David mentioned that he had never won anything before. All the winners were (and still are!) excited about winning the Great Grinder GiveAway. They have shared their excitement about going every week with their family and friends and have brought them to Nardellis to share in the experience. One winner brings her dogs, who have made their preference known: meatballs!

Since winning the Giveaway, most have become more engaged with social media and go to the Facebook page more often now. Most love seeing photos of Nardelli’s mascot, Grinder, an English bulldog who belongs to one of the Nardelli brothers. Everyone said that the food is great and that the grinders always seem to taste better when they are free. They liked that the employees are genuinely happy for their good fortune. So far, all winners have expressed their intention to “never miss a week”.

Stay tuned for the Nardelli’s next GiveAway. Check out Nardelli’s Facebook posts for the announcement.

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