Our Mascot

Full Name: Grinder Capicola Nardelli Born in Seymour CT on 1/22/2010 Adopted into the Nardelli Family on 5/6/2010
Weight: 55 Ibs
Height: 21 inches
Neck Circumference: 19 inches

Favorite Foods: Raw Chicken Burgers, ChickenJerky, Carrots and Cream Cheese

Tricks: “Holding” Hands with Humans and Sleeping while sitting up
Favorite Music Genre: Classic 70’s and 80’s Rock

Loves to lay down, ride in cars, and sun himself on the deck

Best known for:

  1. Chewing everything most notably- car bumpers, garage doors and wooden stairs as a puppy
  2. Being pushed around town in a doggy stroller

Woof! Allow me to Introduce myself. I am “Grinder” Capicola Nardelli, a 3rd generation Nardelli, with all four paws firmly planted In the grinder shoppe business. I have been asked by my human family to represent Nardelli’s Grinder Shoppes. You won’t catch me lifting my hind leg to extinguish that Idea.

When I was first approached for this assignment, I had visions of meeting lots of other English Bulldogs online, but I have been asked to keep my personal social networking separate from my day Job. Yeah, I get It.

In the coming weeks, I hope to encourage our two-legged friends to stay engaged with us. There are many ways that our customers can reach to us, or even give us a virtual scratch under the ear. We’ll keep you In the loop on all that’s going on at Nardellis, and even provide a little insight on a day in the life of a mascot.

One last thing, Don’t let my extra folds fool you. I may not be fleet of foot, but underneath these folds lies the exuberance of 5 chihuahuas.

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