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Nardelli’s Recipe For Success

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September 9, 2014
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Nardelli’s Recipe For Success

The number one reason Nardelli’s Grinder Shoppe Franchisees achieve success.

(L to R) Anthony and Marco Nardelli stand next to their sister, Diane Nardelli Troiano.

(L to R) Anthony and Marco Nardelli stand next to their sister, Diane Nardelli Troiano.

When Nardelli’s franchisees are asked why they chose Nardelli’s, the response is unanimous. Nardelli’s is about family. Nardelli’s currently has 10 locations in Connecticut and continues to grow. Over the last few years, Nardelli’s has added an average of two new locations per year. From Danbury to Middletown, they stretch across Connecticut. It is not surprising that they are looking at expanding their footprint to the lower half of Connecticut.

What makes this franchise so successful? The overwhelming response is that this a “family business” and their family tradition of hard work, devotion and trust dates back to 1922. All franchisees benefit from an extensive support system. Time tested guidelines ensure consistency of programs and service.

Kristine Boucher is one of Nardelli’s newest franchisees in Meriden, CT . She said, “I knew exactly what I was getting into. I had been an assistant manager and had firsthand experience with Nardelli’s personal touch. I knew the family directly and have always been treated like family” Kristine added. “My own experience demonstrates how successful the systems are that are handed down.” Kristine continued, “I knew I was not alone. A Nardelli’s franchise comes with a passionate hands-on family with a long history of success.” All of the franchisees echo that same sentiment.

The Nardelli’s management team is a family. Brothers Anthony and Marco work with their sister, Diane, in all facets of training and support.

The owner of the Oxford location, Jeff Labrador, grew up in the Waterbury area. He spoke to Marco for a year about becoming a franchisee. He said “They were easy to access and happy to talk about the business opportunity.” Jeff knew the name, Nardelli’s, and knew what they offered. He explains that their brand has become synonymous with an incredible grinder experience, featuring the “mix”, a blend of diced bell peppers, onions, cucumbers and other veggies in a secret marinade that amps up the flavor profile. Starting with a foot long fresh grinder roll that features a soft inside and a crusty outer layer, no other grinder shop or Italian deli matches the amazing flavor or the value of their award winning over-stuffed sandwiches. Images of these famous grinders are often seen on billboards and print ads in Waterbury and beyond.

Naugatuck Nardelli's

Naugatuck Nardelli’s

Nardelli’s success starts with a strong family business model, where exceptional support provides the foundation for success. In addition to this support, franchisees are encouraged to communicate with each other. You become part of the franchise family. Franchisees have access to each other and discuss long range goals as well as answers to daily questions. That is what family does for each other. Success is more likely to follow when you pattern your business on a tried and true formula.

The first franchisee was Stewart Rosen, who owns the Watertown Avenue location in Waterbury. He said he looked into a hundred different opportunities before choosing Nardellis. His take on some of the reasons his business has been successful include support from the Nardelli family and the consistency of the food preparation. The stores look alike, they make their food the same way and offer the same products. This is true for all locations. Spot checks are performed. It’s a recipe for success.

In Southbury, the Flick family runs their Nardelli’s utilizing their whole family as employees. “It is hard work” comments Debbie Flick. “It takes a special kind of person, especially, in the beginning. Getting all the timing down and being productive. With our family being our employees, we have learned about positive reinforcement and support. It is the Nardelli’s way.” Debbie Flick continued, “Nardelli’s has an impressive legacy which proves that hard work pays off.”

Everyone knows how tasty a Nardelli’s Italian Grinder is, no matter which store makes it. As a new franchisee, you have instant customers who expect a memorable Nardelli’s experience. And that is what all their customers receive. While the business demands long hours and personal sacrifice, all the Nardelli’s franchise owners enjoy a better lifestyle since becoming a Nardelli’s franchisee.

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