Looking for sandwich shops near Norwalk? The Norwalk Nardelli’s Grinder Shoppe has been in business since March 2022. At Nardelli’s, we’re big on customer satisfaction. Our staff prides itself on customer service and strives to exceed expectations. To make your experience at Nardelli’s in Norwalk a great one, we offer catering services, mobile ordering through DoorDash, indoor dining and outdoor seating, free Wi-Fi, and even a 70-inch TV for your entertainment.

While Nardelli’s is known for serving the best Italian grinders in Norwalk, we also proudly offer salads, soups, desserts, pasta dishes, and hot entrees. At our Norwalk location, some best-selling items on our menu are the Italian Combo, Meatball Parm, Shaved Steak and Cheese, Chicken Cutlet, Roasted Turkey Breast on Multigrain Artisan Bread, and the Waffle Rolled Cheesecake. Stop into Nardelli’s in Norwalk to try our famous grinders!

Our store is located just off the Merritt Parkway exit 40A across from McDonald’s and South of the Merritt 7 Building. Please call (203) 354-8300 if you are having issues locating our store.


Nardellis Norwalk CT

Owner Matthew Youngs spent years trying Italian Combos from other delis and comparing them to the world-famous grinder from Nardelli’s. Unable to find a better-tasting Italian Combo, he opened his own Nardelli’s right here in Norwalk. As a New Canaan resident, he now enjoys our “gold standard” Italian Combo whenever he likes.

The store is currently managed by Laki Dimoulas, who was born and raised in Norwalk and has dedicated much of his professional life to the food and restaurant industry. Laki is proud to contribute to Nardelli’s growth at a location that brings him closer to home. Together Matthew and Laki are excited to welcome you into the Norwalk location to enjoy everything Nardelli’s has to offer.


  • hegemonic1350
    I have grown up on the Italian Combo grinder - nothing beats it no matter where I've been (I even have friends overseas who crave them). I live out of state and always get one when I come home or have one delivered when my family visits. I've known the entire Nardelli family my whole life as well and in my opinion they are the nicest and their product is the best.
  • magickly7
    Superior Italian Deli: Upscale/NY Deli type of atmosphere. EXCELLENT pastries! Try the cheesecake burrito, a little piece of heaven. Premade salads are large & great. Fresh, tasty fare.
  • Bob D.
    The best ever: This will be the best food you will ever eat coast to coast.
    Bob D.
  • Lizette P.
    After reading about Nardelli’s in CT Magazine we had to eat there. We immediately realized why Nardelli’s has won the Best Grinder in the state so many years. The food is simply delicious… it tastes as if made with love and pride. Their special sauce is fresh and tasty and you can’t find it anywhere. The staff is friendly and warm and makes you feel part of the family. The ambiance is clean and comfortable… it feels just like home. We moved away from Connecticut some years ago and whenever we go back we always have to visit Nardelli’s. We can’t wait until they open a franchise near us.
    Lizette P.
  • Eric J.
    My first job was at Nardelli's. They made me feel like family then and now 20 years later when I go in for one of their incredible grinders, they still make me feel like family.
    Eric J.
  • R. Elliot
    Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed my recent two visits to Nardelli’s---One on Plank Road and the other on Watertown Avenue. The choices were too many ( hard to decide )---the food was fresh and delicious, but best of all was the personality exuded by the help. I was particularly impressed that it was equally reflected in both stores. Obviously your training is spot on. I will return.
    R. Elliot
  • Lynn W.
    The people are the friendliness and the Panini sandwiches are the best! I wouldn’t want Grandma to know this…Nardelli’s sauce is just as good as her homemade sauce and I don’t have to cook or wash the pans
    Lynn W.
  • hdans
    Delicious home made Italian food that smells and tastes just like my Nona's! THAT is something very special and tough to find these days!
  • Francis G.
    My favorite thing to do on Saturday’s ( in the 50’s ) was to go with my friends to Nardelli’s downstairs, where my mother worked ( Sylvia G. ) with Freddie and Joe and get a grinder ( a whole loaf of hard crusted bread) a soda and chips. Then we hitched hiked our way back home to Hamilton Ave and ate our grinders on the front porch and listened to the baseball game.

    I am grateful to have been part of the history that made Nardelli’s and Waterbury the greatest memories I ever had while growing up.
    Francis G.


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